About Alan

  A bit of background

Alan Macleod is a self-taught musician and has played the guitar for 34 years (semi/professionally for 28 years), teaching hundreds of students of all ages, privately in Inverness since 2002.

In this time he has been involved with a diverse range of musical groups and styles from the 80s session scene in Aberdeen with Blues maestro Gerry Jablonski to tours of the UK, Ireland, Italy and the US with The Truth Band, Tannas, Wolfstone and many other session and recording projects. During this time Alan has gained invaluable experience in the many processes involved in the creation and performance of music.

Alan also undertook EMATT training, working in and teaching Music Technology and Digital Audio techniques, producing numerous projects in Edinburgh and London. In 2002 he graduated from London Guildhall University where he studied Musical Instrument Technology for three years specialising in the making of Acoustic Guitars.

Since returning to Inverness in 2002, Alan has maintained his passion for music and guitar, teaching privately and setting up his own workshop making and repairing acoustic and electric guitars.


 I have always appreciated the importance of developing creative skills and have gained a great amount of satisfaction from seeing others develop through any teaching I’ve done ~ I find this to be as enjoyable as my own practical involvement in music and art.