Our first lesson

Firstly, a guitar. It doesn't really matter the quality as long as it stays in tune - I can set the guitar up for you and iron out any issues if required.

If you don’t own a guitar as yet, or if the one you have isn't adequate for any reason, I can recommend guitar & string type best suited, set up, costs and where to buy. * I don’t lend or offer guitars for use, unless it's forgotten (it does happen!).

Whether you have an Acoustic or Electric guitar, (or both), just bring your preferred guitar along (and a tuner if you have), I have the amplifiers and cables etc. that we'll need.

For an enjoyable experience, a tuner is a must, at least until such time as you get used to tuning your guitar and the various methods employed in staying in tune. You can pick up a digital tuner (Snark, Korg, Yamaha etc.) at minimal cost from the local music shops. Alternatively, there are plentiful accurate apps available.

We'll need some picks or 'plectrums', which vary in material, shape, size, weight and stiffness, for good reason. It is very important to get this right early, as the correct pick will have a great influence on your playing approach and 'feel'. As such, I would always recommend trying several different types until you decide which are comfortable for you.

With all of our tools in place, we'll just need a thought about songs and music that you like and you'd like to play, possible techniques and styles that you would like to challenge or cover, or songs and ideas that you might have yourself.

Above all, good enthusiasm and a willingness to practice is necessary if we are going to progress well. Practicing is good fun, even a minimum amount per day - you'll enjoy the benefits in your playing very quickly.