It is essential firstly to understand the anatomy and the geography of the guitar, it’s many parts and how they work together, with you, to create a good sound.

We learn correct posture and how to avoid injury, first and foremost, the names of the open strings, pitched note names and the different tuning methods.

We’ll also learn how to hold and use a pick, proper finger positioning and how to play some basic chords and scales... Then the real fun !

Chord Charts
Guitar Pro Tablature & Notation
Tailored Lessons Video

With the help of simple charts & accompanying tailored Video we’ll choose appropriate songs and material to learn ~ the songs will dictate the chords, rhythms and techniques we use.

By choosing songs that you’d like to play, essential practice becomes a fun thing to do.

 Practice, practice, practice " ... and you can expect to build up your hand and finger muscles, your knowledge of the guitar and music, plus a whole bunch of songs to enjoy by yourself and with others !