By now we should be well versed in basic music theory and can start to further pleasure the mind and ear with a more in~depth look at chordal theory and harmony.

Although a certain amount of theoretical study is essential here we should, by this stage, be sufficiently interested in the ‘mathematics’ of music and how it applies to the guitar ~ maintaining at all times the fun element ~ to employ what we learn in actual playing.

We’ll look at chord naming, voicing and inversions, poly~chords, slash~chords, chord substitution and arpeggios. We’ll continue our studies of scales and modes and their uses in improvisation.

Playing together, we’ll learn accompaniment and soloing ~ around I, IV, V & II, IV, I, progressions, circle progressions, soloing within a frame and soloing over diatonic, circle and scale tone degree progressions... Feel, relax and above all, enjoy